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Whether you’re a seasoned crypto enthusiast, an AI researcher, or just curious about the latest technological developments, our shows have got you covered.

Tune in to Bad Crypto for witty and informative discussions on all things crypto, or check out Bad AI Show to explore the ethical and societal implications of artificial intelligence.

For those interested in the Web3 world, our Web3 Show offers deep dives into the decentralized web, while The NiFTy Show provides an entertaining and educational look at the world of NFTs.

Content sites, Ai Telegraph brings you the latest news and experiments with AI, while World Village, one of the first 10,000 websites EVER, explores the intersection of technology and social impact.

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Our show features exclusive interviews with leading experts in the world of cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin, as well as lively banter on various topics within the crypto sphere. Tune in to hear insights and perspectives from our hosts, Sir Lord Joel Comm and Travis Wright.

Your ultimate Web3 source for all the latest news and insights on the most innovative technologies shaping our digital future. Our channel is hosted by industry experts Chris J. Snook and Travis Wright, who have been teaching and innovating online since the 90s.

Travis and Joel dumb down artificial intelligence so far that even your grandma can understand it.  Or you. Maybe you. Well, we don’t know how intelligent you are.  But watch anyway to see if you understand?


LEADING TECH Keynote Speakers

Joel Comm is a charismatic and captivating speaker, podcaster, and author who has given inspirational speeches at a range of events. Joel provides insights that are both useful and original thanks to his extensive expertise in marketing, social media, and entrepreneurship.

His presentations are animated, funny, and passionate about assisting others in realizing their dreams. Joel is a top blockchain keynote speaker and his presentations are consistently educational and motivating, whether he’s talking about the newest developments in digital marketing or giving advice on how to start a successful company.

Joel Comm is a fantastic option for any event that wants to inform, inspire, and amuse its attendees because of his ability to connect with audiences and present content that has a lasting impact.

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Sir Lord Travis Wright: Web3 Keynote Speaker

Travis Wright is an entertaining, insightful, and really, really, ridiculously good looking Web 3 keynote speaker, podcaster, and co-author of Digital Sense. He has a distinct view on the world as a futurist and is able to impart his knowledge in a way that is both interesting and thought-provoking.

Anyone interested in the future of technology, cryptocurrency, Web 3.0, Ai, marketing, or business would probably enjoy consuming some of his media.

Travis is the perfect choice to enlighten and entertain your audience, with an intelligent, endearing, and humorous speaking style. He’ll have your audience engaged from start to finish, making them laugh and ponder with his informative and entertaining delivery.

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